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AutoCAD Incl Product Key [Mac/Win]

Formerly AutoCAD LT (now part of AutoCAD), AutoCAD DWG (now part of AutoCAD), AutoCAD MEP (now part of Autodesk Inventor) and AutoCAD Web, AutoCAD is used by engineers and architects in a wide variety of industries, including building construction and renovation, architectural and engineering firms, and for preparing blueprints and building-related documents. It is one of the most popular software packages in the world.

A bit of history

Autodesk began developing AutoCAD as a professional drafting package and named it “AutoCAD” because the application’s operations were automatically coordinated for maximum efficiency by a computer. Autodesk originally developed AutoCAD for use in architecture, surveying, and other mechanical design applications.

In late 1980s, Autodesk broadened AutoCAD’s base to include the general-purpose drafting and CAD/CAM/CAE market. At the time, its top competitors were Autodesk’s former flagship product, AutoCAD, and MasterCAD, a version of the landmark UCS model-making system from EMC.

AutoCAD LT is essentially a feature-limited, low-end version of the AutoCAD product line.

There have been many subsequent releases and enhancements to the original AutoCAD product. Autodesk acquired AutoCAD’s long-time rival, MasterCAD, in 1996. In 2003, Autodesk acquired Silicon Graphics’s portfolio of intellectual property, including its then-current AutoCAD product, which later became known as AutoCAD Architecture. This acquisition made Autodesk the exclusive developer and distributor of AutoCAD Architecture in North America, and AutoCAD Architecture was renamed AutoCAD Architecture 2010, 2010 being the year of the acquisition. In 2015, Autodesk bought Imagineer Systems, the developer of AutoCAD Design Review.

The current version of AutoCAD is version 2015 and is available for all platforms. Autodesk also developed AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Web, and AutoCAD DWG for non-architecture-related applications, including product modeling and presentation applications.

Main features

AutoCAD provides standard features for engineering and architectural drawings, including design data management, interoperability with other industry-standard data formats, flexible paper size and scaling, text editing and printing, tools for working with drawings and drawings,


The goal of the AutoCAD Cracked Accounts eXpress Add-in was to create a solution to decrease the time required to develop and test scripts for AutoCAD Cracked Accounts. AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version eXpress Add-in was a collection of Visual Basic Scripts (VBScript) and Visual Basic COM Add-ins (VBA), which was introduced in AutoCAD Full Crack 2003. This collection of script was based on the Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) and Visual Basic Automation (VBA) languages.

AutoCAD Cracked Version eXpress Add-in also allowed users to do the following tasks, via easy-to-read wizard-driven dialog boxes. These dialogs could be used to extract or import objects, insert comments, edit drawings and more. For example, one could use AutoCAD Product Key eXpress Add-in to easily extract a polygon from a drawing into a newly created drawing and then import it into the new drawing as a polyline.

AutoCAD eXpress Add-in used scripting, which allows users to write scripts that can be used in AutoCAD to automate a wide range of tasks. More specifically, the script dialog boxes allow the user to automate the tasks to extract, modify, insert and save drawing objects or properties. For example, one could write a script to extract objects from a drawing into a newly created drawing based on drawing properties.

One of the most popular features of AutoCAD is the ability to export data and images to other applications and into a web browser. Such export capabilities were enabled by the DXF, drawing exchange format. The DXF format can store graphic information as 2D and 3D images, text, raster images, and vector graphics in a drawing. DXF, however, was originally designed to work only with AutoCAD. As such, other software applications use a hack that allows them to interact with AutoCAD. This hack is called the Drawing Workbench. The DrawX library provides a graphic framework (automated charting component). This framework enables programmers to build Automated Charting Applications (AutoCAD Architectures) that are not limited to AutoCAD.

Version history

The AutoCAD 2013 (now called AutoCAD Architecture) was initially announced by Autodesk on January 19, 2009 at their Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 2010 conference. The new Autodesk Architectural Foundation that was announced as part of AutoCAD 2013 is intended to provide a more modern and

AutoCAD Crack+ Incl Product Key

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What’s New In?

Markup Assistant:

Scan drawings with a virtual camera and build a virtual model. Use the virtual camera to draw views of your design and keep tabs on the progress of your drawing. The Markup Assistant can also be used with our new Markup Import tool. (video: 2:11 min.)

AutoCAD 2020 Subscription on our website:

Start building today and save! Choose your subscription plan and keep working with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT on any device you need at any time. (video: 1:50 min.)

Rapid prototyping with Catia, Parasolid, and Topcon:

AutoCAD and our partners offer a new way to make 3D models. Create your parts with Catia, Parasolid, Topcon, and UniPro software. Connect a new technology called Dynamic Fabrication that enables you to use CAD software to quickly create the geometry for injection molding and other rapid prototyping technologies. (video: 2:02 min.)

Multiple-instance modeling:

Design, view, and edit components that have been separated from the rest of the drawing. When you add a new instance, the selected instance is added to the current drawing and all of its parent components are updated. Then you can modify the instance as needed. You can also apply different attributes and options to different instances, which lets you customize them differently. (video: 1:16 min.)

Multilevel paths:

Use the new multilevel path tool. It enables you to build complex paths that aren’t possible with a single-level path. Plus, you can use the tool to isolate and manipulate individual portions of your path. (video: 1:35 min.)

Improved border and grid tools:

Use the new border and grid tools to modify the appearance of drawing areas. Using the new tools, you can view the border and grid lines in multiple colors, apply line styles, and control the detail of the lines and grids. (video: 1:34 min.)

Smart Drafting:

Have your drawings rendered with a new rendering technique that takes advantage of today’s computing power and graphics hardware. You can preview the rendering on an interactive sheet or watch it in action on your screen. The result is a drawing that has the look and feel of a photo. (video: 1:24 min.)

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Vista or XP (XP SP3 recommended)
CPU: Quad-Core Processor
VGA: 1024×768
Hard Drive: 8GB
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 660/AMD HD 6870 (2GB)
DirectX: Version 11
Recommended Requirements:
VGA: 1280×800