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Tropical Tango is a desktop animation that depicts a scene from the tropical forest. It is designed to hide the windows from your desktop when you are not working on your computer.
The animation also includes a relaxing sound track which enables you to relax while taking a break. You can mute the sound if you just want to enjoy the animation.







Tropical Tango Download [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Tropical Tango is an animated desktop wallpaper that depicts a scene from the tropical forest in South America. It is the perfect desktop wallpaper for any geek who wants to show their geekiness without directly affecting others.
Tropical Tango is a great desktop wallpaper for everyone from adults to kids who just want to relax.
Tropical Tango’s Illustration is by Jóhann Gylfason on The audio part is by Gefir, and the song is Median by Alt-J.
Try to keep clicking on the red hearts. They always increase the level of humor.
It is really easy to put this desktop wallpaper on your desktop with one click. Simply download the animated wallpaper and place it on your desktop, in your Pictures folder.

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How could the price be anything other than 100% off the value on amazon? I purchased this item from my amazon prime account and immediately regretted it. I searched for a refund and they refused. I also asked them to provide a refund and they refused. I am contacting their customer service and asking them to return the money. Let me know what their response is in the comments below.

Note: I did this on 16/10/2018 and as of 18/10/2018, they said they will give me my money back today.


Excellent.. i am a college student and was looking for an animation wallpaper to download and this one is good.. the animation is good and the sound is cool..

By Mark on 19 October 2017


It’s a good start.

I never read the reviews or comments before purchasing, just browsed the reviews and it seemed alright so I clicked the “add to cart” button and told myself “i’ll look at the comments after i download the wallpaper”

Anyways, I downloaded the wallpaper and I like it.

It’s not something that I would want to use while I am working on my laptop or desktop, but I wouldn’t mind using it as a desktop background while I am watching TV on my laptop. I think I will keep it on my desktop as long as I don’t have anything on my desktop.


It’s a good start

Tropical Tango [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

Tropical Tango is an application that will make your desktop into a tropical forest! It will hide your desktop windows and you will be immersed into a magical world of dancing and singing birds, delicate flowers, comfortable grass, and harmonious music. If you experience a more stress-free workday, try a cup of green tea to enjoy the magic of the forest!
The sky is the limit – you can even add your own music and even create your own Tango desktops! You can even un-hide your desktop windows to enjoy more of your desktop!
* Simple Application
* No Windows are hidden. You can also choose to un-hide your desktop windows.
* Customization: you can create your own Tango desktop.
* 3D wood-cut wallpaper
* 3D tiled wallpaper: this wallpaper is not a 3D tiling. It is a regular wallpaper.
* 3D flower desktops: we added a 3D flower desktop, but you can add your own 3D flower desktop.
* Sparring Tango: do you want to spar your desktop? Create your own Sparring Tango desktop.
* Music: you can add your own music to the simulation.
* Background music: select from one of the background music.
* Customize: you can customize the wallpaper and the volume.
* Personalize: you can add your personal photo on your desktop.
* Game mode: play a game mode.
* Sound mode: select from one of the sound mode.
* Auto-sleep mode: select from one of the auto-sleep mode.
* Create your own Sparring Tango desktops: allow you to create your own sparring Tango desktops.
* Tiled room: select one of the tiled room.
* Starry night mode: select one of the starry night mode.
* Relax mode: select one of the relax mode.
* Voice mode: select one of the voice mode.
Tropical Tango Privacy Notice:
All files and resources included in our application are copyrighted to Panambi and we are glad to share them with you for free, however, if you are not the copyright holder of any of the free files and resources, you are not allowed to use or to redistribute them in any way.
We also declare that we do not intend to prevent you from obtaining and redistributing the software. However, we ask you to

Tropical Tango Activation Code With Keygen

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What’s New in the Tropical Tango?

If you like the desktop animation, you can download other desktop animations from here.

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Once you set the wallpaper to the same color as the moon, the image will appear to climb up your wall paper. The more that the moon moves further away from the horizontal line the faster the moon moves through the sky.
Climbing Up Description:

In this desktop screensaver, the moon moves up the Sky and up into space. At various times, the moon will disappear completely from view (you are then left with stars and the horizon). You can mute the sound if you just want to enjoy the effect.
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In each set, the picture changes after 10, 30, 60, 90, and 120 seconds, with the first set displaying the most recent picture.
You can mute the sound if you just want to enjoy the pictures and music.
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The first set of computer screen art is displayed for a very short time – 10 seconds.
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“Kitty Surprise” is a music driven desktop screensaver that displays the affect of cat paws on a computer desktop. A cat is sitting on the computer keyboard, and its paws appear on the home, end, page up and page down keys of the keyboard.
The effect changes after 2, 10, 20, and 30 minutes, with the first set displaying the most recent pattern.
Kitty Surprise Description:

After you set the wallpaper to the same color as the cat paws, the image will appear to slowly move across the desktop, changing every 2 to 10 minutes as the screen saver runs. You can mute the sound if you just want to enjoy the screen saver.
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Make your own Love Poem in this desktop screen saver. From three sentences, this screen saver will create a poem. Choose the type of poem and the random word will appear at the end of the three sentences.
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System Requirements:

*Computer: Windows 7 SP1 64bit or above (Windows 8.1 does not work)
*Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2.2 GHz or faster
*Memory: 3GB RAM
*Hard Disk: 4GB free
*Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GT or above
*Internet: Broadband internet connection
*Screen: 1366×768
*DirectX: 9.0c
[UPDATE] *With the latest patch of the game, the following