SOFTLINE 76 MDProduct description
SOFTLINE 76 MD – the VEKA system with a classic design and modern features. The 76 mm profile system with a centre seal perfectly balances energy- and cost-efficiency.
  • Multi-chamber system with 76 mm basic installation depth for outstanding thermal insulation
  • Insulation values of up Uw = 0.75 W/(m²K) when using highly insulating triple glazing with Ug = 0.4 W/(m²K)
  • Three gasket grooves as protection against noise, cold, damp and draughts
  • Glazing thicknesses of 18–48 mm
  • Universally usable in new construction and renovation
  • Wall thickness to meet highest quality standard (DIN EN 12608,
    Class A)
  • Wide variety of design options with films and aluminium panels as well as the new VEKA SPECTRAL surface finish